Relicta II


Mixed media painting and image transfer on canvas 2021
100 x 80 cm / approx. 39,4 x 31,5 inches  

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Artist Statement

My recent work speaks of the diversity of masks that we wear, of how to be oneself while being many different people at the same time, of what we believe we are but that varies constantly, of what we show that we are against what we often carry inside us.
The face we show is represented on the canvas with a color figure painted with oils and acrylics made in a more or less classical way, on which I transfer the broken image of our hidden self, a figure in black and white wrapped by textures and reliefs, thus creating two figures that blend together and merge into one.
It is popularly said that we are constructions of our environment and that we mold ourselves to it according to the circumstances. What I seek with my work is that it resonates with the interior of each one, with their stages of overcoming or with their internal conflicts, something in which everyone can be represented as I see myself, that sometimes we are able to overcome those circumstances and bring out the other me that we carry inside, which in my case was the artist and go from being that person with that traditional life that worked in his family business to be the person I am today.



A painting decorates a room, but a unique artwork makes it stand out from the rest

The art completely transforms a room making it unique, personal and different from the rest and makes your home, office or business stand out transmitting an image of success, thus impressing your guests or customers. The photorealism, Raul’s new technique, mixes the classic figurative style that breaks with the traditional. Pure white backgrounds, deep blacks and pastel tones where the skin tones contrast with the grays of the transferred image creating a unique painting in the world, the perfect balance for a timeless decoration that will transform any room into a modern, elegant, sophisticated and above all unique place.

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