Raúl Lara


Represented by Eclectic Gallery London

Raúl´s work on book covers

Raul's work has been chosen by different publishers around the world for the cover of their books.
Syrtari Books 2020 "Ταυτοπροσωπίες" Βιργινία Παπατρέχα
Editorial Planeta 2019 "Elegía para un Americano" Siri Hustvedt
Rowohlt Verlag 2020 "Es ist immer so schön mit dir" Heinz Strunk

New Releases

  • Vultus

    1.546,00  iva incuido
  • Contorsionis

    2.148,00  iva incuido
  • Dolor

    2.148,00  iva incuido
  • Somnium

    2.148,00  iva incuido
  • Taedium

    2.148,00  iva incuido
  • Quo ligatus erumpere

    2.062,00  iva incuido
  • Vietus

    2.148,00  iva incuido
  • Passionis

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People´s feelings on Raul´s work

«Breathtakingly beautiful! «

Gayle W
Interior Designer

» Delightfully exciting and gently sensual.I sense the strong elements of excitement of the unknown, mixed with the anxiousness uncertainty. That irresistible energy that comes from going into uncharted waters. Magnificent artwork 

Joseph N

Real State Agent

«Magnificent! Simply magnificent! These mirrored poses are so gorgeous,

Lucía V
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