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“Deconstructed” Serie: A New Way to Experience Painting

Introducing Raúl Lara captivating “Deconstructed Serie” art collection, where traditional painting is transformed into a unique and experimental art form. This series takes inspiration from modern cuisine, where ingredients are deconstructed and reconstructed to create new textures and flavors while maintaining the harmony of the dish. Our artist achieves this deconstruction of art by combining two main concepts: painting and image transfer through photography.

Each piece in the “Deconstructed” collection begins with a classic realistic painting on canvas, which is then photographed and transferred onto another canvas using gesso. The final result is a concealment of what it really is, a classic oil painting that is not actually painted on the canvas. The elements in each piece have been modified in form, and a touch of color with acrylic paint is added to create a truly unique and eye-catching piece.

This series speaks to the diversity of masks we wear as individuals. We are often many different people at the same time, and our perception of ourselves can vary constantly. This is represented in this paintings, where the traditional elements are deconstructed and reimagined to create something new and thought-provoking. Come and see them!


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