Receptum Signed Edition Print by Raúl Lara


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Raúl Lara with "Receptum" signed limited edition print
This item: Receptum Signed Edition Print by Raúl Lara

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Artist Statement

My recent work speaks of the diversity of masks that we wear, of how to be oneself while being many different people at the same time, of what we believe we are but that varies constantly, of what we show that we are against what we often carry inside us.
The face we show is represented on the canvas with a color figure painted with oils and acrylics made in a more or less classical way, on which I transfer the broken image of our hidden self, a figure in black and white wrapped by textures and reliefs, thus creating two figures that blend together and merge into one.
It is popularly said that we are constructions of our environment and that we mold ourselves to it according to the circumstances. What I seek with my work is that it resonates with the interior of each one, with their stages of overcoming or with their internal conflicts, something in which everyone can be represented as I see myself, that sometimes we are able to overcome those circumstances and bring out the other me that we carry inside, which in my case was the artist and go from being that person with that traditional life that worked in his family business to be the person I am today.

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If you are an art lover buying limited edition prints is a great way to start your art collection thanks the price they are. From there you allways can scale to original artworrs and make your collection unique.


Buying art is a way to show your artistic tastes, your personal expression and a reflection of your own individuality


Share your passion with others and take pride in walking through the story behind each of your paintings, whether it’s the symbolism in the artwork, the artist’s background, or how you found your artwork.


Limited edition prints, numered and signed by the artist , in addition to original works ,can increase in value. Art is one of the few things that do not lose value by passing from hand to hand, it does not depreciate over time but gains value. A great incentive to buy art is the fact that it is possible that in a few years it will double in value


The prints we offer are limited editions numered and signed by the artist. In addition and to testify this, along with your print you will receive your certificate of authenticity


By buying art you are supporting the creative community, contributing to the local artist’s ability to make a living from their creative process and strengthening the fine art industry


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What is a limited edition print?
When a print is a limited edition, it is one of only a limited number of copies produced, and once these have sold out there won’t be any more available. The edition number is placed in the bottom left hand corner of the print and the artist signs the print in the bottom right hand corner. The product page of our website will show you how many editions each particular print has.
Will my print be signed and/or editioned?
All prints ordered from our website will be numbered and signed by the artist.
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We can provide help and advice if you are having trouble choosing your print. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on
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Yes we ship all around the world
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Unfortunately we don´t return prints.
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